Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Art for Music and Old Friends

Recently a few of my friends from high school in Virginia asked me if I would create a piece of art for their band's next album cover.  Excited at the opportunity for collaboration and creating a piece inspired by specific music, I said yes.  

Their band is called "The Silent Few" and their upcoming album (releasing in early 2013) will be called "Distance." I was so impressed with their music.  I listened to it quite a bit to get a feel for it, then a lot more for making sketches.  I let the music flow into my subconscious, and sketched intuitively.  The gears, the bird, the lines and circles, all just felt naturally fitting with the music.  To me, the paper cut captures some of the mood created by their music.  This paper cut is uniquely different from my previous ones, partially because it is not necessarily part of the same theme.  It is also different because I wanted the cut to be more closely related to the free-flowing sketch.  This is also the first paper cut that has a stronger emphasis on background color.  I played around with watercolors and masking fluid to create an atmosphere for the paper cut to live within.

Here is their website where you can listen to a few of their songs:

And here is the paper cut:

"Silent Few" hand-cut paper, 12"x12", 2012, by Heather Clements

Here it is with cut-out words added for the album:

A shot of the paper cut in progress:
"The Silent Few" process shot, hand-cut paper.

My very loose sketches reacting to the music:

And some detail shots of the finished piece:

 This will actually be the second album featuring my art as a cover.  Earlier this year, the band Honeylark from Oklahoma City, licensed an image of my art to use for their next album cover and merchandise.  My art is even the main image on their website!  Once that album is out, I will post an image of it.  Until then, click on the link and check out their music!

Inspiration Source #9:  Elsa Mora.  I think I owe my start in fine art paper cutting to Elsa Mora, and my friend Carrie.  Shortly after I finished creating 350+ paper flowers for the Visual Arts Center, Carrie sent me a link to Elsa Mora's blog about paper cutting.  I fell head-over-heels in love with the medium, and with Elsa's work.  Here is one of her cuts, my favorite by her:

Her website about paper art: All About Paper Cutting
Her main blog: Elsa Mora

Thank you for the visit!