Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Process of a Large Paper Cut

For my upcoming solo show at the Bay County Public Library, they requested large art to fill their walls.  So large art it is!  I am still working on this paper cut that is approximately 30" x 52".  My idea required references of long, long hair.  Luckily, one of my most faithful Figure Drawing students, and now Guided Open Studio student, has long, beautiful hair, and was excited to model for reference photos.  It was an interesting photo shoot, in which she laid on the floor and I played with her hair for a while to make it look weightless and free.

I don't think I'll be posting full photos of this piece once it's finished, because I want you to see it live in person at my solo show in March!  So this is all you get for images of it for now!

 On Friday Mat, Madeline, Charlie and I will be driving 16+ hours to my parents' house in Northern Virginia for the holidays.  Maybe we'll see snow!?  But not during the drive, that's not allowed this time.

Green Tip #10: Reusable fabric gift wrapping.  For years we have been wrapping all of our gifts to people in fabric, often tied with ribbon.  In my opinion, it looks much more interesting and elegant than regular wrapping paper.  AND it's reusable!  You can go to your local fabric store and stock up on the discounted scraps with a variety of colors and patterns.  No giant bags full of wasted paper, no re-buying wrapping paper, no tiny scraps to clean up.  Fabric wrapping is fun, easy, pretty, and eco-friendly!

Happy holidays everyone!