Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oooh Pretty New Camera

For the winter holidays this year I got a very big present: a new camera.  A Nikon D3100 to be precise.  A big thank-you to my parents for this much needed and also very fun gift!

Somehow I got through the craziness that was last week.  It went straight from over-worked stress to non-stop celebrations!  December 24th was Madeline's (my step-daughter) birthday, complete with cake, presents, and a dance party!  The next day was spent in Wewahitchka with Mat's (my boyfriend/ life-partner/ I need a better name for this) parents.  My favorite moment was when Betsy (Madeline's Grandmother) opened the present I got her.  I made her a drawing of Madeline:

Then Sunday I flew out first thing to see my parents in Virginia.  Luckily, some of my other family was able to stay until Sunday to see me for a few hours.  I was very grateful and happy to see everyone!

Once I got my new camera I played around with it plenty.  Here are some shots of around my parents' house.

Here is one of the portraits I was commissioned to do that I finished last week:

And as if I haven't already posted enough images, here are a few sketches from last week's figure drawing class:

gestures- 1 or 2 minutes

I suppose that's enough for now.  Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm Too Busy To Even Be Posting This

And yet here we are...

I haven't made any posts recently because I have been busy busy busy!  With deadlines for Christmas along with my own preparations for the holidays, it's getting a little crazy.  I have been working on a logo design as well as a few portrait commissions as well as plenty of other things.  I will post pics of the portraits soon.

I have been teaching private kids art lessons at CityArts Cooperative.  I love it.  Yesterday with my student we made lots of ornaments for her Christmas tree.  We had a blast and never even took a break!  Then I went home and did the same project with Madeline, my step-daughter.  We hung the new decorations on our Winter Solstice Tree.

I am announcing group kids art lessons that I will teach on Tuesdays.  Here is the flier with all the info:

The day after Christmas I will go up to Virginia for a few days to visit my parents.

Happy Winter Solstice Everyone!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Back in the Figure Groove

My figure drawing mojo had been low the last few months, but it's rising again!  Perhaps I just worked in pen too much, and I needed to switch mediums.  Last night's session at Studio B was invigorating.  We had three new students.  Last week's kick-off of figure drawing at CityArts Cooperative went well, too.  I've got the second class tonight and I am looking forward to it!  Yay pencil!

I've started teaching private children's art lessons at the co-op.  I only have a little bit of experience teaching children, but I do enjoy it.  It's very rewarding when they are proud that they have learned new words.  I taught a lesson on one of the elements of art: line.  Every class I want to introduce new art vocabulary words.  I taught horizontal, vertical, and diagonal - complete with full body movements!  Arms straight up - vertical!  Arms straight out to the sides - horizontal!  Tilt your whole body so your arms are... diagonal!  I can't wait for all the fun projects we get to do!  (Yes, we!)

Here are a few drawings from last night:  (click any to see larger)

4 minutes
8 minutes

18 minutes

I've been doing more small ink drawings like the ones in the previous post.  Here is a 5"x7" self portrait in ink:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Posting a blog in a cafe.... how modern of me.

Don't worry, it's not because I'm cool and trendy.  It's because we don't have internet until Monday.  That's not an interesting story, though.

Last night was Figure Drawing at Studio B.  The class was geared towards beginners so I spent an extra amount of time preparing and actually "instructing."  A few new faces, a great model, and a lot of positive energy made last night another great night at the B.  I drew in pencil last night instead of my usual pen.  The pen is for the confident "I can't make a mistake!" attitude, which in spite of continuously using the pen, I haven't felt in a little while.  It was good using the pencil again, it allowed me to lightly gesture in marks before change and commitment.  Here are a couple sketches:

4 or 6 minutes

10 minutes

15-20 minutes
Aside from promoting my figure drawing classes I have been making small ink drawings on watercolor paper. I'm framing them in little box-frames or stand-up frames and selling them for just $12-$22.  Here are some...

And tonight is the first figure drawing class at CityArts Cooperative.  I think there will be good attendance.  I can't wait!