Thursday, December 2, 2010

Posting a blog in a cafe.... how modern of me.

Don't worry, it's not because I'm cool and trendy.  It's because we don't have internet until Monday.  That's not an interesting story, though.

Last night was Figure Drawing at Studio B.  The class was geared towards beginners so I spent an extra amount of time preparing and actually "instructing."  A few new faces, a great model, and a lot of positive energy made last night another great night at the B.  I drew in pencil last night instead of my usual pen.  The pen is for the confident "I can't make a mistake!" attitude, which in spite of continuously using the pen, I haven't felt in a little while.  It was good using the pencil again, it allowed me to lightly gesture in marks before change and commitment.  Here are a couple sketches:

4 or 6 minutes

10 minutes

15-20 minutes
Aside from promoting my figure drawing classes I have been making small ink drawings on watercolor paper. I'm framing them in little box-frames or stand-up frames and selling them for just $12-$22.  Here are some...

And tonight is the first figure drawing class at CityArts Cooperative.  I think there will be good attendance.  I can't wait!

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