Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home is Where the Art is

I know, cheesy title, huh?  But for me it's true.  I don't feel at home unless there's art on the walls.  That's also why there's nice layering in drawing places in a home.

A couple days ago I returned from visiting my friend in Pennsylvania.  I am happy to report that she is fantastic.  She looks great, and in spite of her first chemo treatment was able to go out and have a good time.  Upon first seeing her I said, "You look amazing!  You don't look at all like you have cancer!"  I admire her positive attitude soooo much.  Last night I had a dream that I had cancer.  I was dying and the self-pity was so overwhelming that all I could do was cry.  This is not the case with Steph.  Not only is she going to live a long and happy life, but she isn't letting cancer change who she is.  She's still funny with a great sense of humor about her situation.  Fuck cancer.

Somehow this relates back to the beginning of this post about homes.  Steph and her family made us feel very at home there so here is a drawing of a piece of their studio art/music room.

No, I didn't finish drawing the pattern on the rug.  It was confusing and messing with my brain.  And as I wrote a few pages earlier in what a friend called 'a conversation with myself,' "Shut up.  It's a sketchbook.  I can be lazy if I want."

And here is a drawing from some months ago of a piece of my happy little home in the Cove.

(a detail)


  1. When I saw the music room piece, I didn't think it looked lazy. The unfinished carpet actually helps the comp because it creates a sort of white halo around the banjo. Don't doubt yourself!

    Also I like the intricacy/simplicity of the second piece. I wish I could read your little notes!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, looking back at it the drawing would have gotten overwhelmed by the pattern if I finished it.

    The notes from the second drawing say the following nonsense/literature from left to right:

    "That's why it's good that it is a drawing. And not an actual bike."

    "This is where it's gonna get wonky."

    "2 infinities. Oxy Moron?"


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