Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Figure at the B

Every Wednesday is Figure Drawing at Studio B in Alys Beach.  I have the honor of being the regular instructor.  The gallery is beautiful with amazing art, and the classes are full of energy.  Last night was no exception.  And yet, I feel my figure drawings have gone downhill in the past few months.  I cannot pinpoint why, but I have no doubt that it will pick up again.  My regular students, on the other hand, seem to continually improve.  (Check out Joan Vienot's art!)  I can only hope that in addition to practice, my instructions might have a little something to do with that.

Some people are a little surprised to walk in and find out that I am the instructor.  I'm almost always younger than everyone, sometimes by quite a few decades, and I look even younger than I am.  They do seem to warm up to the idea and accept my instructions.  I think!  I admit I am not the most experienced instructor and I am still learning how to become a better teacher.  I sometimes have to remind even myself that I may be 25 but I've been hard-core drawing all my life, went to one of the best art schools possible, and have now been teaching art for three years.  In spite of that it is a bit disheartening to overhear someone looking at my art (not at Studio B, I won't say where) and saying, "Isn't that that young girl who took a couple art classes and now she's teaching??"  But alas, I know that old man had no idea who I am or what my abilities are.

I really am constantly fighting the battle of 'Yes, I'm young, but I'm competent, dammit!"  Of course I know that can't be a life-long battle because someday I will actually be and look older!

Blahblahblah, here's a couple from last night:
I believe this one was 6 minutes
About 20 minutes
And here is the flier featuring one of my drawings:

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