Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Commissioned Portraits of Little Ones

I really do enjoy doing commissioned portraits.  There is so much to a face, especially the face of a loved one.  Just a glance at a familiar face not only flushes the mind with memories of good times and personality quarks, but there can be such a strong emotional reaction instantly as well.  I love capturing someone in a work of art, so that their loved ones can forever remember that person at that specific time and age.  I think a true portrait artist can also capture something a camera cannot.  They can pick up on the essence of the person, and can hopefully represent that in a work of art.

SO, here are a couple that I finished today.  These were fun because the woman commissioning them had seen my site and loved the idea of words about the person in the background.  She had her grandchildren write these short paragraphs about themselves for me to include with the portraits.

Now you know YOU want one, too!  Makes a great Christmas present!  Or birthday present!  Or get one for yourself!  Let me know if you are interested.

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