Thursday, December 9, 2010

Back in the Figure Groove

My figure drawing mojo had been low the last few months, but it's rising again!  Perhaps I just worked in pen too much, and I needed to switch mediums.  Last night's session at Studio B was invigorating.  We had three new students.  Last week's kick-off of figure drawing at CityArts Cooperative went well, too.  I've got the second class tonight and I am looking forward to it!  Yay pencil!

I've started teaching private children's art lessons at the co-op.  I only have a little bit of experience teaching children, but I do enjoy it.  It's very rewarding when they are proud that they have learned new words.  I taught a lesson on one of the elements of art: line.  Every class I want to introduce new art vocabulary words.  I taught horizontal, vertical, and diagonal - complete with full body movements!  Arms straight up - vertical!  Arms straight out to the sides - horizontal!  Tilt your whole body so your arms are... diagonal!  I can't wait for all the fun projects we get to do!  (Yes, we!)

Here are a few drawings from last night:  (click any to see larger)

4 minutes
8 minutes

18 minutes

I've been doing more small ink drawings like the ones in the previous post.  Here is a 5"x7" self portrait in ink:

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