Friday, March 11, 2011

Silkscreen Shirts And The End Of A Sketchbook

Just when I thought I was about to have a handle on screen-printing on paper, we had to print on shirts.  Perhaps my design was too ambitious.  It required printing over or close to seems, fine registration, and a large print area.  I printed on many shirts and not a single one came out very well.  It was a four run print (4 colors) so even if one or two colors printed well on a shirt, there was never a shirt where all four printed well.  Oh well, it was fun and now I have a ton of octopus shirts!

These were two of the better ones.  Clearly, still quite flawed.  Next in the class we will be working in the photo emulsion process and I am determined to get better at this silk-screening stuff.  I am going to give it my all to get this medium down.  If by the end of the semester I still can't screen print, ooooh well.  If I finally become good at it, then I'll set up a printmaking station for myself at home to make many more!

Last night I finished another sketchbook.  This one was dedicated just to figure drawing.  I've started to keep two sketchbooks, one for figure drawing, and one for everything else.  The 'everything else' sketchbook hasn't seen much action lately, but at least I'm keeping my eyes and hand keen by drawing every week at figure drawing.  Here's the final spread:

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