Thursday, July 5, 2012

Woman of the Earth - Paper Cut: Klimt and Schiele Influenced.

New paper cut!

"Woman of the Earth" hand-cut paper, 12"x18".  By Heather Clements, 2012.

In my last post I mentioned how the inspiration of Italy and Austria would influence my upcoming art.  While I can't put my finger on all the little things within me that have been affected by the trip, I can tell you my main inspiration for my new paper cut: Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele.  If you don't already know these artists, please click on the links and check them out!  They were both Austrian artists, and Schiele was a protégé of Klimt's.  Vienna has a few museums that house many works by these artists, but I only had time to visit one: The Leopold Museum.  There was an entire floor of Klimt and an entire floor of Schiele.  These guys are two of my favorite artists so I was in heaven.  I was enthralled and moved.  Reproductions never do a work of art justice, so to finally see some of these works in person was a whole new experience.  

There was no photography allowed in the Klimt section, but here are a few from the Schiele exhibit:

Can you sense my insane level of dorky excitement?  That's because I have done a study of this very piece years ago in 2005:

I've done many studies of Schiele's sketches.  Here's another from 2005:

And another (2005):

Left: Egon Schiele's sketch with woman and self in mirror. Right: My sketch with my reflection instead of Schiele's.

Enough of the old art, onto the new.  For this piece in particular, I was inspired by their powerful, sensual women, with striking contours.  And of course, pattern.  This piece is called "Woman of the Earth."

"Woman of the Earth" hand-cut paper, 12"x18".  By Heather Clements, 2012. *SOLD

"Woman of the Earth" (detail) hand-cut paper, 12"x18".  By Heather Clements, 2012.

"Woman of the Earth" (detail) hand-cut paper, 12"x18".  By Heather Clements, 2012.

And yes, it is for sale!  It is $350.  Please contact me if you are interested.

I did not post a green tip or inspiration source last week.  I guess my head was still spinning from the trip to Europe.  But I have some this post!

Green tip #3: Shop locally, especially for food.  Imagine the amount of gas used to make food travel from across the country or from across the world.  Buying local produce makes a huge positive impact on the environment for many reasons.  Shopping at locally owned business has many other benefits as well.  Your money helps your local economy and so much more.

Here are a few links about the benefits of shopping locally:

10 Reasons to Shop Locally
Eat Local
Buying Local Matters

Inspiration Source #3:  Caine's Arcade.  This little boy's creativity and positivity are so admirable and of course, inspiring.

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