Thursday, August 30, 2012

Using Art Powers for Good

My superpower is art.  But 'with great power comes great responsibility.'  (I think that's from Spiderman... but originally from Voltaire.)  I choose to use my powers for good.

Tony Simmons, a great local writer and promoter of all things local and awesome, came into CityArts and asked if any of our artists would be willing to create a bra for's 'Making Strides Against Breast Cancer' team to enter into next week’s “Battle of the Bras.”  The deadline was fast approaching, but Heather Parker and myself, said yes.

Not exactly a surprise, but I have never made an art bra before.  I was afraid and excited by the challenge.  I won't go into all the details because you can read the full article about our art bras here.

Here is photographer Andrew Wardlow taking the amazing shots for the cover of's print version in the News Herald from last Friday.

Our models were the lovely Jamie Sasser (left, modeling Heather Parker's bra) and Samantha Neeley (right, modeling my bra.)

And here it is in print!

And don't miss the video where I am completely caught off guard and attempt to say something at least somewhat intelligent for the camera.


As you can tell from the many links above, a lot of people are involved in this - all for a good cause.

My bra was chosen to be the official bra for in the Battle of the Bras that will take place September 6th at the Grand Theatre in Pier Park.   A 6:30 p.m. presentation in the theater will be followed by the battle, when a member of each team will strut the catwalk in a 15-minute fashion show, showing off each bedazzling entry. Survivors of the disease will decide which team created the best looking bra.  More info on that here.

The bras will then be auctioned to raise money for the American Cancer Society during the CityArts annual half-off sale, which coincides with our artists’ reception for the current “Clothing Optional” exhibit. The reception is 4-6 p.m. Sept. 15, and the auction will be at 5 p.m.

Green Tip #7:  Ditch paper sticky notes, and just use your   computer.  Most of us have to-do lists, quick phone numbers, dates, and other little reminders that we need to write down quickly and then keep for the near future.  Why waste paper when your computer is probably right in front of you?  Most computers have a notepad or sticky note program.  You can leave them on your desktop so they won't go away and be forgotten.  Think of how many trees are cut down for sticky notes.  One of the benefits of technology is less paper, take advantage of it.

Thank you for reading!


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