Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cove Alley Photo-Shoot

On Saturday Mat, Madeline, Charlie and I went for a long walk.  We mostly stuck to the alleys, where you can find many interesting and beautiful moments.  We stopped at a little park on the beach for a bit.  Our walk was at least 2 hours long and I snapped photos wherever there was something interesting.  Here are a few:

This photo is too cool.  Notice the light streaking from the upper right corner and somehow there is a rainbow on her neck/cheek!  I may have to do a painting of this.

Father and Daugher -or- What is that little girl doing talking to that bum??

Charlie and Madeline

Looking up in the alley.

Desktop image, eh?

I love moments of nature taking over man-made structures.  Always have.

I don't exactly consider myself a photographer, but I do enjoy taking photos and editing them.  I suppose if anyone was interested I could have prints made.  Email me if you would like a print!

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