Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Desk!!!



Aaaaah, that is SO much better.  I can BREATH!  My work surface was always cluttered with not enough space to work.  I work mostly from the house in this corner so something had to be done.  PLUS Madeline accidentally knocked the precariously placed lamp stacked on 5 books over which then ripped a large drawing that was leaning against the wall.  Too cluttered and DANGEROUS!  So I had an idea:  I need a new desk!  After many drawings and plans, Mat and I trekked to Lowe's first thing Saturday morning to get just $70 worth of wood.  We then headed to Wewahitchka where his dad has a FULL wood shop with every tool and machine you would ever need.  Thanks power-tools and machines!  It took us two full days but it was worth it.  We simply cut a large piece of wood to attach to my old art desk, making the surface larger but keeping the tilt-up option.  Then we built the table to the side, complete with shelf, holes for plugs, and pure sturdy awesomeness.  Once we placed it in the room I couldn't WAIT to get back to work!  And now here I sit at this lovely art/work station merrily typing away with plenty of elbow room.

I could be a little merrier if I didn't have some pesky cold or possibly strep throat....

Figure drawing at CityArts Cooperative last week had such a good attendance I may need to rearrange the classroom better to accommodate more students!  What a lovely problem to have!  Here is a spread of sketches:

And I have been having a blast teaching Kids Art Classes at Cloud 9 Wellness Center.  Check out these talented and creative little ones!

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