Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guilty in the Woods - Paper Art

 Okay, now I think this piece is finished.  (By the way this piece relates to my ecocide series.)  It took quite a bit of trial and error, and finally having to admit that my large tree trunk no longer fit in with the piece as a whole.  Once I added the leaves, the large tree trunk felt too chunky and thick among all the other smaller details.  So I made a tree not quite as close to the foreground.  Here it is:



I think I'm falling in love with paper art.... Shh!  Don't tell drawing, painting, woodburning, and printmaking!

 I think a valuable lesson in making any kind of art, whether it's visual, music, film, dance, or anything, is knowing what to edit out.  Sometimes you have to give up a piece that you really love because you know it doesn't fit in with the whole.  Great directors know this, and that's why they'll sometimes cut one of their favorite scenes because it doesn't fit in with the overall flow or idea of the movie.  It's extremely difficult, first of all recognizing that an element you love doesn't quite work, and then making the decision to edit it out.  But it's necessary in order to make a cohesive work of art.

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  1. I'm biased but love the new art work


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