Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Leaves of the Trees - Papercut

I am still playing and experimenting with this new medium.  On this piece I painted the paper with watercolor.  It's called, "The Leaves of the Trees."

"The Leaves of the Trees" by Heather Clements.  8"x10" paper cut.

I've realized these papercuts are much smaller than they appear in photos.  This one and the last one are 9"x7".

In other news, I am scheduled to have a solo exhibit at Studio b at the end of December.  I am so excited about having a solo show at such an amazing and beautiful gallery!  30A sees a huge rush of people between Christmas and New Years which is why Colleen Duffley, the owner, wanted to have my show open during that week.  I'm going to work extra hard to create as much new work for this show as possible.  I will give more details sooner to the opening.

In other other news, I got a flat file!  Thanks Mom and Dad!  (for the birthday money that bought the flat file) Now my drawings can sigh in relief for they are no longer shoved in cardboard folders standing up allowing paper to sag, curve, crinkle, or worse yet, fold.  Now all of my unframed drawings, silkscreen prints, linoleum prints, and blank papers can be safe and FLAT!  Is it dorky to get so excited over something like this?  Perhaps, but who cares.  I'm ALSO excited about removing the middle shelf so that I could have vertical storage for my paintings, framed drawings, blank canvases, and more.  Studio geek-out!

Thanks everyone, have an awesome day!

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