Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ecocide Paper Cut

It's finally finished! For now I'm simply calling this one, "Ecocide VI."  I've estimated it took me around 20 hours to make.  It is framed in a shadow box measuring 16"x20".

My hand, to show the size of this piece...  But you also have to keep in mind I have very small hands.

This is the largest and most ambitious papercut I have done so far.  All of my papercuts (aside from the one I sold) are currently at my studio.  I am not going to show any of them in public until my solo exhibit at Studio B at the end of December.  (Which I am super excited about!)  However, they are currently for sale, as long as the buyer signs a little piece of paper guaranteeing that I can borrow back and display the artwork for the Studio B show.  Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a work of art.  I do offer studio visits for anyone who is interested in buying a piece, or simply would like to see my work space.  I have many new and old works here at my studio.

And here's your daily dose of naked... just kidding...  kind of.  Here's a watercolor painting I did during last week's figure drawing class at CityArts Cooperative:

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  1. Heather - Amazing paper cut. Wonderful design and articulate execution - great job!

  2. Very cool! Love the size of this one, amazing!


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