Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Studio Is Now Flat and Dry!

My studio is now one big step closer to completion.  If you have been following the blog for a while, you know I have been working on making this studio final.  You may have seen when we put in a ceiling with insulation.  My boyfriend/life partner, Mat, and his Dad, Xelle, helped with the ceiling, and yesterday helped me level the studio. 

We needed to raise and level the studio for two reasons.

Reason #1: The floor inside peaked so much, adding walls in the future would be too difficult.

As you will see in my amazingly complicated illustration below, the floor on the inside was wonky, to say the least.  It peaked in the center so much that if you put a marble on it it would rush to the side wall in quite a hurry.  We compared it to a skate ramp, hence the skateboard in the illustration.  I didn't mind this wonkiness too much, but it would make it very difficult to put walls in, so something had to be done.

Reason #2: The pitch of the porch.

As you will see in amazing and complicated illustration number 2, the pitch of the porch slid toward the studio, so rain water ran toward it.  This not only kept me from having a lovely welcome mat, but also would rot the wood in no time.  Raising the studio shifted the pitch so the water will now run onto the soil.

This was no easy task.  The studio was jacked up many times so that we could add blocks, subtract blocks, over and over playing with a 4' level to make it as good as possible.  Then, we had to cut into my floor to adjust the blocks under the center.  It took all day so thank you SO MUCH to Mat and Xelle for all the hard work!

Project Perfect Studio tasks accomplished so far:

  • roof insulation
  • ceiling
  • track lighting
  • painted studio floor
  • flat file added
  • shelves adjusted for vertical large storage (canvases, paintings, etc)
  • floor raised and leveled

Project Perfect Studio tasks still do do:

  • paint ceiling
  • take down all shelving and large 'L' table so we can...
  • add insulation and paneled walls
  • rebuild shelving and large 'L' table
  • paint walls
  • paint shelving
  • buy or make area rug

Woo!  I'm getting closer!  This building was built just as a storage shed, but we are slowly but surely making it into a beautiful art studio.  I do believe that creating a space that you love and makes you feel comfortable encourages creativity and productivity.  So if I'm already so productive now, just imagine what it will be like when my studio is complete!

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  1. A big thanks to Mat and Xelle, glad to see your workspsace is coming along, I know that more great art will come out of that


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