Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Ceiling! For My Studio

Well I had another busy weekend with hardly a moment to relax.  I worked all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday (I usually only work Tuesday through Friday since I teach classes most evenings it's about full time in 4 days... plus sometimes I end up working weekend days.)  Saturday and Monday was spent with Mat and his dad, Xelle, putting a ceiling in my studio!  This was desperately needed for two reasons: heat and poo.  We've been in such a heat wave that the AC window unit in the studio was pretty much useless.  It was like trying to air condition a tent.  It was HOT in here.  If I had work I could bring in the house, I did to get out of the unbearable heat.  I really needed insulation in the ceiling which is apparently where 70 - 80% of the cool air escapes.  And the second reason.... poo.  There were rats in the ceiling.  I never saw any, but when we moved in we had to vacuum up plenty of poo.  And as time went on I would notice little pellets of poo that had dropped on my tables and stuff.  Of course I couldn't just poison the poor little guys trying to make a living, just like me, so I just waited until we put a ceiling up.  Now I shouldn't have to worry about heat or poo!  Thanks Mat and Xelle!!!!


I will be painting the ceiling white at some point hopefully in the near future.

Here is Xelle working on the electric stuff for my track lighting.

 That's right... I said TRACK LIGHTING!

Walls will happen eventually, too, but I can't work Mat and Xelle too hard too often.

So what did I do Sunday?  Ugh I worked in Destin doing portraits.  Well, trying to anyway.  I have been watching a kiosk for Deano, a great characature artist, several times over the past few months.  I have been setting up to do "normal" portraits to try to make some money.  Many people come up, wanting a characature and I tell them, "Well, I'm a guest artist and I do a more realistic portrait."  I show them a couple examples most just make a face and then say, "Oh... I wanted the funny one" and then walk off.  Yesterday I worked a 9 hour shift, and drove an hour and a half there and an hour and a half back.  I hardly made any money and wasted an entire Sunday.  Boo!

Here is one of the few portraits I drew that day:

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  1. Yay that your studio is becoming more accommodating, and boo on you doing caricatures. Your images are much nicer. However, you could have put a star twinkling from the left girl's teeth, and a train going across the right girl's braces. That would have incorporated your unique style. :->


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