Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Red Leaf - New Paper Cut Display

I have mixed feelings about framing artwork.  Sometimes visually they work, but often I feel like they simply distract from the artwork.  Even if it is the best possible framing choice, I'd rather simply see the art.  I change my mind on this often.  I used to be a custom framer so it makes it that much more difficult to say 'no frame!'  And obviously, with certain art, especially flat paper art, framing is more than necessary.  With paper-cutting I have needed to frame because of the nature of the medium.  But I have come up with a new system for displaying paper cuts!  It only works for uncomplicated, smaller cuts, but I think it is simple and sophisticated.

"Red Leaf" is displayed floating over a piece of wood with small pins.  Don't you love it?!  I do.  And this little darling is only $35!  (When I save on framing, so do you.)  So contact me if you would like to purchase it.

"Red Leaf" hand-cut paper and wood, 3.5" x 4.75", Heather Clements, 2012

"Red Leaf" hand-cut paper and wood, 3.5" x 4.75", Heather Clements, 2012

"Red Leaf" (side view) hand-cut paper and wood, 3.5" x 4.75", Heather Clements, 2012
*UPDATE: This piece is now SOLD.  Thank you!

I plan on making more of these and they easily lend themselves to commissions of similar pieces.  You could request a certain kind of leaf, a certain size, with a certain color for the wood.

So let me know, do you like this new kind of display for a paper cut?


  1. A simple but elegant treatment for a fine piece of work. Like it!!

  2. Hello Heather, your leaf paper-cuts are amazing, can I ask for your permission to do these for personal use( I hv a craft blog purely as a hobby and wanted to do these with your permission) I would of course give you credit for the design and concept. Hope you would revert back early.

    1. Sure, Suman! I have no problem with you gaining inspiration from my work and sharing it with others. Thank you for asking, I do appreciate that. And please send me a link after you create the post. :o)

    2. Thank you Heather, I am now your follower too as I don't want to miss any of your posts.
      here is the link of my modest try at this design,
      I want to try my hand at some more. I would really appreciate any suggestion on the background or any thing else you may want to tell me. criticism is welcome!!Have a good day!!


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