Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Larkspur: Beautiful Spirit

We often forget that we ARE nature.  Nature is not a separate entity.  When we say that we have lost our connection to nature, we have really lost our connection to ourselves.

My latest art is about rediscovering that beautiful connection that can make us feel whole again.

Here is the latest: "Larkspur: Beautiful Spirit."  Beautiful Spirit is a meaning attached to the Larkspur flower, the flower depicted in this work.

"Larkspur: Beautiful Spirit" hand-cut paper, 16"x20", by Heather Clements.

Here is the sketch I started with on the back of the paper.  The back of the black paper is an off-white.

And here is the back of the finished paper cut.

Back of black paper cut, "Larkspur: Beautiful Spirit" by Heather Clements.
 I love shadows.

Here are some detail shots:

 Green Tip #9:  Plant native plants.  Once a native plant is established it doesn't need to be watered or fertilized.  That's good for the planet AND saves you time, effort, and money.  Many native plants are enjoyed by birds, butterflies, and other wildlife, leaving you the pleasure of watching these creatures in your own backyard.  Native plants have developed a resistance to the insects and diseases common to the area so will maintain health without intervention.  You will be replacing lost food and habitat for native wildlife of all kinds.  It just makes sense to have the plants that have evolved to live in your area successfully, without all the time, money, water, fertilizers, pesticides and more that come with importing foreign species.  You will be helping to bring a bit of ecological balance back to the small piece of planet you inhabit.

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