Thursday, March 28, 2013

Handmade Paper Cuts II

Here are three more paper cuts made from my own handmade paper.  They are all currently on display at the Bay County Public Library.  My exhibit has been extended until April 11th, so go check it out!

"Emanate IV" hand-cut handmade paper, watercolor, 7"x9", by Heather Clements, 2013. *SOLD

"Emanate V" hand-cut, handmade paper, watercolor, 17"x17", by Heather Clements, 2013

"Emanate III" hand-cut handmade paper, watercolor, 17"x17", by Heather Clements, 2013

"Emanate III" (detail) by Heather Clements

Yummy, yummy texture.

Green Tip #14:  Fix things.  When something breaks, don't just throw it away and get a new one.  I know, new things are exciting and shiny, but if you trash the old to buy the new, you are contributing to the overwhelming amount of waste on this planet, as well as our consumer-driven society.  Americans especially are so wasteful.  I can't tell you how many great items in our house came from alleys where people have thrown out slightly broken items.  Like a chair slightly broken, they couldn't be bothered with it to just add a few screws to, so we rescue a perfectly good piece of furniture, give it some love, and bam, a great chair.  When something isn't working, investigate, take it apart, see if you can fix it yourself!  Not handy?  I'm sure you must know someone who is!  Barter with them.  If they fix your toaster, you'll make them a dinner.  Wouldn't it be nicer to have dinner with a friend as you exchange your talents, than just having a new toaster?

Products these days are intentionally made to break within a certain time frame.  Really.  So if you pay a little more for a quality product from a trusted local store, you not only support the local little guy, but you'll be saving yourself money in the long run when your product lasts longer than the crap at Wal-Mart.

Thank you for the visit!

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  1. I love your green tips, in fact American corp-orates are responsible for the culture of wasteful /conspicuous consumption and there is a strategy behind it!!If you can get access to you can read vance packard's books: The waste makers, The Hidden Persuaders( may be you have already read them)
    i am from India and in eastern societies there has always been a stress on avoiding wastage and reusing/recycling/repairing etc. but this mindset here is also now getting affected because of influence of western ideas!!


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