Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Dad's Song, My Old Theme

My Dad recently came out with a new album.  He is a musician and was one of my earliest sources of inspiration.  Hell, I was too young to remember, but he was probably my very first source of inspiration.  I was so fortunate to have such a creative father, who was also artistically talented, to teach me and encourage my passion that began at such an early age.  (I also have to give a shout-out to my mom, while she is an accountant, she has always been just as supportive of my artistic endeavors.)

Back to his album.  Just a few months ago he received a mandolin as a gift.  Since then he has not only learned an entirely new instrument, but has recorded a new album featuring the mandolin in every song.  One of his songs, which he actually wrote long before I was born, has some interesting lyrics:

When you shake your head
hummingbirds and leaves
fall from your hair
When you breath
its the wind
begins to blow on me
When you smile
its the moon
when you laugh
its the sun
And hummingbirds and leaves
fall from you hair

Of course, he also recognized the strong ties with my current art.  It brings to light that my theme is not a new one.  My father touched on it decades before me, but really the theme is as old as nature itself.  The motif of interdependence and symbiotic relationships between species, is not limited to our current culture, or even our species.  My art simply explores a connection that all other species seem to have, but that the people of our culture have lost.  The reason I make art now on this subject matter is because it has such great importance right now, in what could be a great turning point for our society.

"Hibiscus: Delicate Beauty" (detail), hand-cut paper, by Heather Clements, 2012

"Ecocide VI" 16"x20", hand-cut paper, 2011, and "Birds in Her Hair" 9"x7", hand-cut paper, 2011.

Inspiration Source #14: Ursula Populoh.  On the other theme of lifelong creativity, Ursula is a 70 year old freshman at the amazing art school I got my degree from, the Maryland Institute College of Art.

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  1. Very cool connection with your past. Thanks for sharing.


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