Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Circle

Oops, it's been a month again since I blogged.  A few things that happened:

I won a $100 Merit Award for my piece "Emerge" at the Bay Annual at the Visual Arts Center of Northwest Florida!

I had two of my drawing/papercuts published in the GAP Annual.  (Guild of American Papercutters)  I was so honored to be included, and to be featured next to paper cutters that I've admired was amazing!

I created these two paper cut landscape commissions for a client in Virginia:

I drew a commissioned portrait of two pastors from their wedding photo from many years ago.  It was a gift from their church.  (And I did it from a very blurry photo!)

And last, but hopefully not least, I've combined my art with my hooping.  I've been hoop dancing for over 5 months, and it has brought me so much joy, with an added bonus of great exercise!  So I've made some little ink, watercolor, and paper cut pieces.  I've put all of them for sale on my Etsy:  www.etsy.com/shop/HeatherClementsArt


Green Tip #21:  Thoughtful gift-giving.  The holidays are coming, so make thoughtful choices on the items you buy, and how much you buy.  The mass hysteria from Black Friday sends shivers down my spine.  Consumerism is at such a high that people are willing to literally trample one another for a sale on some item possibly made by children at slave wages on the other side of the planet.  An item that will not bring anybody real happiness.  Because of the rough economy, the stress of buying gifts, and the over-consumerism of it all, many families have opted to have gift-free holidays.  They have expressed how wonderful it was not to stress about what to get who, and how much money they have to spend to do so.  They enjoyed gathering with loved ones and sharing experiences and food.  If you do want to give gifts, make wise choices.  Know where it was made, and what it's made of.  Or make gifts.  I make gifts all the time and people appreciate a hand-made gift SO much more than a store-bought one.  With the internet you can look up ideas on what to make and instructions on how to make it.

Thank you blog-visitors!!!

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  1. lovely post, Heather !! congratulations on all the recognition and achievements, loved the series on 'Artful Hooping ' !! I agree with your thoughtful gift giving ideas !! It is always a pleasure to visit your blog, have a good day :)


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