Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Painting of PC Progress Part 2

That's a lot of P's...

Anywho, it's day three on working on the painting for Elizabeth.  Again, this painting was to represent the area for her to remember it after she moved away to Jacksonville.

Since the last post I had added a part of downtown to the lower right.

Today I added a camera (to represent her time as a reporter for News 13,) sky, water, and marina boats.  The camera and boats still need more work.  I plan to add buildings far in the background to the left of the girl on the horizon.  I also think I want to add a large palm frond starting in the upper right corner and bending down between the girl and downtown.

It is fun, freeing, but also a little scary when someone commissions a piece and allows for a lot of creative freedom.  I'm enjoying this piece but you never really know if someone will like the piece until they see it.  I hope Elizabeth likes what she sees so far!


  1. Nice work, I am sure she will treasure it.

  2. Nature has a way of soothing people and making them connect with their inner selves. Nice work.
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