Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sketchbook Comeback

Anybody who has known me for a while knows that for many years I wouldn't leave the house without a sketchbook.  I would draw in my sketchbooks all the time; at the house, outside, hanging out with friends, at a restaurant... I often like my sketchbook work more than my "final" pieces.  My senior thesis at MICA even had four hand-bound sketchbooks as the main feature.  The past couple of years I haven't been drawing in my sketchbooks as often.  I think I hit a sketchbook rut where I would draw the same things in the same style.  Somewhere along the line I stopped exploring and experimenting as much so the sketchbooks became stagnant.  Well I've decided to bring the sketchbook back into my daily life.  This decision partially coincided with the fact that I can't do any "final" art at the moment, especially not paper cutting, because of my sprained wrist.  But I can still doodle!

It feels so good to be involved in my sketchbook again.

Last Saturday I taught an all day figure drawing workshop at Studio b.  We had a good turn-out and after some intensive anatomy concentrations I think the students did wonderfully!

As glad as I am that this sprained wrist helped me to rediscover my sketchbook, I am so ready for it to heal so I can get back to paper cutting!  And life!

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