Monday, December 5, 2011

Paper Jewelry

This past week I have been working more on paper jewelry.  I gotta say, I never thought I would be making jewelry.  I simply don't care much for most jewelry.  I have 2 or 3 necklaces and one bracelet that I may wear on a fancy occasion, but that's about it.  But the idea to make paper jewelry was just too tempting.  After making a few necklaces and earrings, I can't wait for a fancy enough occasion to wear some.  There's something about that crisp white, and the transparency of the open areas that is just so appealing to me.  Of course, I am just plain in love with paper-cutting, so I guess this comes as no surprise.  I do think that these would be appealing to others who may not have quite the same paper art obsession.  I'll be selling some at the opening at Studio b. so we will just have to wait and see!  After that I'll most likely have some available to sell at my etsy shop.

(No, I am not obsessed with myself, I'm simply the most available and convenient model.  But I promise some day I will get someone much better suited for this to model some paper jewelry!)

The necklaces have clasps in the back.  The "chain" (for lack of a better word, maybe someone could help me out with that) is made out of a crocheted line of upholstery thread.

People who buy these must be aware of the fragile nature.  It is PAPER, so try not to wear any in the rain, try not to bend them (as in, don't throw them in a jewelry box to be smushed by everything else,) and try not to touch them in excess as the oils from your fingers may yellow the paper over time.  Jewelry is often very fragile, so the extra fragility of these paper pieces, I think, adds some to the appeal.

Would you wear paper jewelry?

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