Friday, December 9, 2011

Self-Promotion in Blogland

I have been promoting my solo exhibit at Studio b. so much lately I'm quite sick of talking about myself.  I can't wait for the opening, but it will be nice when it's over and I can shut up for a little while and just make art.  They say in order to make a living off of your art you should spend half of your time making the art and HALF of your time promoting it.  That thought is very scary to many artists, including myself.  "You mean I have to talk about myself?  To... people???"  It makes sense, though.  I suppose we can't expect to just make art all day long and have it magically sell.  We have to make people actually AWARE that it even exists in the first place.

So here I am, blogging so that you are aware that I am here, making art, that could one day belong to you.  I have enjoyed blogging for more reasons than just mere self-promotion.  It creates a connection between myself and people interested in my art.  I can give a further understanding of the thought process and technical process that goes into each piece of art.  I'm always so interested to hear people's thoughts on my blog posts.  People I don't even know check the blog regularly and will walk up to me and we can have a real conversation about art.

Basically, the blog helps in the connection between artist and viewer.  It is so easy to just create art and forget about how people will receive it.  Or maybe I'll assume it will be interpreted one way, only to find out that there are other very interesting interpretations that can help to feed my future concepts.

Of course, nothing beats a one-on-one, but the blog can be the beginning of that conversation.

At the beginning of the opening at Studio b. I will hold an Artist Talk and then a Question and Answer segment.  Come to the opening and join in on the conversation.

I created a Facebook event for the opening.  All the info is there.  Check it out and click "attend" if you plan on coming!  

And last but not least, here is another teaser of a paper-cut I finished yesterday.  The whole piece is 11"x14" but this is just a tiny part of it.

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