Friday, January 7, 2011

A Unique Temporary Physical State a.k.a. Pregnancy

Don't worry, I'm not pregnant.  But our model at Studio B this week was 8 months pregnant.  It was a unique experience indeed. In all my years of figure drawing I have never had the pleasure of drawing a pregnant model. Plenty other artists recognized the opportunity and made sure to come this week.  The gallery was packed with artists drawing a radiant woman about to pop!  I think a couple artists claimed to have even seen the baby kick.

Clearly we need more pregnant models.  Here's a couple sketches (click to view larger):

8 minutes
15 minutes

After class I was lucky enough to go to Beck's Underground to see the band CJ Boyd play.  Yet another unique experience because the band CJ Boyd plays in the nude.  I have seen them once before in town and the music and ambiance was just amazing and beautiful.  It is strong enough to make you forget that anything else exists except for that moment and that music.  So of course I must draw this!  I love drawing nudes and I love drawing people playing musical instruments so it is extremely rare to have the two combined!  So here is a very quick sketch:

Last night was Figure Drawing at CityArts Cooperative.  As I started my introduction about figure drawing I realized the words were coming out of my mouth much more easily than before.  I explained things clearly and didn't have to struggle to find the right words (like I usually do.)  Perhaps that is a sign that I have gained enough experience in teaching to a point where it is starting to happen more naturally.  Imagine, teaching without being nervous!  So here are a couple from last night:

4 and 6 minutes - And she is double-jointed so her arms actually looked like that!

15 minutes

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