Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Escape - Paper Cut

Here is the latest paper cut art.

"Escape" by Heather Clements.  11"x14" paper cut.

It is called "Escape" and the frame is 11"x14".  It is in a transparent, floating frame.

This piece depicts a plant in our yard.  It was previously trimmed and manicured to attempt to control its shape into somewhat of a sphere.  We have decided to let the land that is legally our property return to its natural state.  Many of our neighbors may think we are lazy or apathetic as our yard grows tall weeds.  In time, though, the land will grow thick enough with more permanent plants to a more beautiful and natural state.  This piece, to me, represents the earth beginning to make new growth after years of mistreatment.

It represents hope.

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