Monday, October 31, 2011

Super-Villian: The Paper Cutter!

Halloween is my favorite holiday because it's the most creative.  It brings out creativity in many people who may not realize how much they have.  I love making costumes and I love seeing other people's hand-made costumes.

This year my Halloween costume is a super-villian... The Paper Cutter!  It's an inside joke, but if you're reading the blog then you probably get it.  I cut paper... HA!

It only took me a couple of hours yesterday to create this awesome costume.

And my awesome boyfriend, Mat, decided to be PAPER to go along with my costume.  He made his costume and it looks great!  We went to a party and of course the people who don't know my art didn't get mine, but EVERYBODY got Mat's.  He even brought a bunch of markers so that people could write on the paper throughout the night.

We're such dorks and I love it.

Happy Halloween!


  1. very very very AWESOME and definitely elegant... and sort of scary.

  2. Excellent costumes/great artwork.


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