Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bird Secrets II Paper Cut

I still have some paper cuts that I have not yet shared on the blog, or anywhere online.  I kept them a secret until the opening.  I did that so people could see some pieces that they had never even seen images of before.  I will share one piece today.  It is called "Bird Secrets II" and it sold last week.  It was my second largest paper cut at 15"x30".  This piece is a little different from the others.  I zoomed into the figure much closer, and played with shadows and textures.

"Bird Secrets II" by Heather Clements.  15"x30" paper cut.

This piece may be sold but there are still paper cuts left for sale.  Hurry up and snag one before they're all gone!

WMBB News 13 asked me to be featured on their segment called "Panhandle People" so of course, I said yes!  Anchor Greg Sherrod came to my studio and interviewed me about myself and my art.  It aired this past Sunday night and Monday morning.  They ALSO asked me to come into the station for the Friday morning show last week.  I drew the anchors on air and talked about commissioned portraits as well as my show at Studio b.  It's wonderful to have the media so interested and supportive of my endeavors as an artist!

The News Herald also featured my solo exhibit on the cover of the Local and State section on the Thursday before my opening.  And last Thursday, they featured Studio b., and mentioned my show in the article.  They also used my photos from this very blog!

I spent last Friday at Studio b., working on new paper cuts and talking with visitors about the show.  I will be there every Friday in January from 1-6pm so come on by!

I forgot to bring my camera last Friday to shoot images of the exhibit so I snapped a few quick photos with my laptop.  Here is one of me in front of the wall of paper cuts!

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Your work is truly beautiful and thought provoking. Daela and I are looking forward to seeing you at the gallery this afternoon!


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